Alaska Cannabis Jobs

Alaska Cannabis Jobs

Is marijuana legal in Alaska?

Yes, recreational cannabis has been legalized since Ballot Measure 2 approved in 2014, and shops are now open and ready for your business with Alaska cannabis jobs.

Where to buy cannabis in Alaska?

Although marijuana is legalized, the only legal place to buy marijuana is a state licensed recreational cannabis store; stores are open now! More and more shops are opening up all the time! If you have a state medical cannabis card, you can contact the Alaska cannabis club to be linked to a source for cannabis.

Using marijuana in Alaska

Consuming marijuana generally involves vaping and smoking. Both need the use of different kinds of cannabis paraphernalia. This paraphernalia may contain rolling papers, cigars, vape pens, rolling papers, and more. Presently, there are now laws in the Alaska state that govern the produce, possession or sale of such paraphernalia.

Now issue how the marijuana is used, it is forever illegal to use it in public locations.

Growing and manufacturing cannabis in Alaska

Alaska state cannabis laws permit adults to grow no more than 6 cannabis plants at one time for non-commercial objectives. No more than 3 of these plants can be mature. Growers are permitted to keep what they harvest, as long as their crops meet these situations.

Cultivated cannabis plants may not be visible to the public without the use of optical aids. The property where the marijuana is grown must be under the legal possession of the cultivator. Any person who violates the cannabis growing laws in Alaska and Alaska cannabis job law are subject to a fine of up to $750.

The State Constitution right to privacy act permits growers to cultivate twenty-five plants in a private residence for personal use. Anyway, cultivating more than twenty-five marijuana plants in Alaska is a Class C felony. A fine up to $50,000 and five years in prison can be imposed.

Selling marijuana in Alaska

To sell cannabis officially in Alaska, you must be over twenty-one old, and be a state-approved retailer. These marijuana retailers are controlled by Alaska state cannabis laws. All unlicensed sellers are subject to illegal prosecution.

Penalties for illegal sales could be recorded as a Class C felony and punished by a fine of up to $10,000 and five years in prison. A person can give marijuana to someone over the age of twenty-one as a gift. As long as there is no compensation, and it is under 1 ounce, there are no penalties.