Arizona Cannabis Jobs

Arizona Cannabis Jobs

The state has a relatively little history with legal marijuana – Arizona primary legalized medical marijuana in 2010 when residents approved Arizona Proposition 203. The proposition approved with a narrow margin of 50.13% and was the 4th time a medical cannabis initiative was on the ballot.

Anyway, Arizona locals have embraced marijuana, and there are now over 122 medical cannabis dispensaries in the state. Hopefully, the state will rethink their position on recreational marijuana in the near future.

What type of marijuana business you can start in Arizona?

In the medical cannabis industry of Arizona, several different kinds of licenses are possible to acquire. For example, marijuana product manufacturers, retail marijuana stores, Arizona cannabis jobs, marijuana distributors, marijuana cultivators, and marijuana extraction services can all be licensed to process, produce, retail, or test medical cannabis.

Those want to deliver medical cannabis must have a valid medical marijuana dispensary card. For that factor, the app process to deliver cannabis is essentially the same as for a dispensary.

Dispensaries and caregivers may deliver medical cannabis to their registered patients, as long as all the legal requirements have been met. Delivery itself is not explicitly explained in law, but distribution is permitted. Therefore, if you are a dispensary or caregiver, you may deliver medical cannabis to your patients – assuming you follow all the possession and other laws.

Arizona marijuana market

As of 2015 November, State had over 86,000 patients, seventy-seven percent of whom have chronic pain.  In 2016, the state confirmed further patients, the total number is about 115,000.

More than 3,000 pounds of medical cannabis was sold in 2015, along with three hundred pounds of medical cannabis products. This is one factor why Arizona is considered to be one of the quickest growing marijuana markets in the country.

License requirements and Arizona cannabis job

Since you need to be a dispensary owner or caregiver before you start delivering to patients, it is vital to understand how you would open a dispensary in the state.

According to the state law, each dispensary needs to employ at least one Arizona-licensed doctor. If the business is in a country that does not have a dispensary, its application will be prioritized over other places.

Applicants must be residents of a state and have been so far at least the 3 years before the date of application. If someone is linked with several dispensary registration certificates, he or she will get separate feedback for each one.