California Cannabis Jobs

Is marijuana legal in California?

California has been a motivating force behind cannabis reform in the USA; after all, 1996 brought the medical requests of cannabis into the national attention. California voters approved the first-ever legal structure for certifying the cannabis use of marijuana in America.

2016 November brought plan 64, which permits adults to possess, grow, and use cannabis under certain limitations, to the state with the Golden Gate.

Is drug test for marijuana legal in this state?

Drug testing is legal in both recreational and medical market. Federal law needs private and public employers in California to maintain a drug-free workplace, anyway, this is not interpreted to spread beyond the hours you are at the job.

Is delivery legal

Delivery is legal in both recreational and medical markets, and California cannabis jobs cannot be prohibited by any domestic government on any public road in California.

Growing marijuana at home

Cannabis can be grown at home in both medical and recreational markets. Domestic areas can be either outdoor or indoor cultivation, but growth cannot be fully forbidden. Medical patients may entrust a caregiver to perform this on their behalf.

Under Pro 64, adults age twenty-one and over may cultivate up to 6 plants each with a highest of 6 plants per household residence. If you grow more than permitted limit, a misdemeanor charge, a 500 dollar fine and up to 6 months in jail are possible penalties.

Picking to manufacture focused marijuana items, particularly involve bad chemicals, could mean a $50,000 fine and up to 7 years in prison.

Places to use legally

By 1st March 2018, the California Division of Occupational Health and Safety is needed to access the licensing regulations for facilities permitting the on-site use of cannabis or cannabis products. In lieu, anyway, the safest locations to use remain private residences.

Marijuana use in public falls under the Controlled Substances California Act, with a resulting fine to the tune of $150.

Tax revenues

In 2015, the California cannabis jobs and medical cannabis sales in California soared past $2.7 billion. By 2020, marijuana trade in California is guessed to be valued over $6 billion. Up until the passage of Prop 64, medical cannabis patients were needed to pay state sales taxes on medical products. Following 2016 legislation, medical patients are now needed to pay California excise tax on retail sales, but no tax on sales.