Cannabis Employment Options are Blossoming in California (Part 3)

Where the Rain is at, so are the Jobs

            All plants need water to grow and cannabis is no different. It is a very hearty plant that loves its liquid fuel. But most of California doesn’t get much rainfall and most prime farming land is in federally-irrigated areas which leaves out the option of cannabis cultivation because the federal government still classifies marijuana as an illegal drug. And other areas of California that might be considered are experiencing water shortages, ground water is drying up and there are severe restrictions on the use of well water. So, what does that leave a cannabis agriculturalist to do? Go where there is a lot natural rainfall, of course.

            Naturally, rain falls everywhere in different amounts, and not everywhere there is heavy rainfall will be cannabis-friendly, but that is why you need to find a realtor that is knowledgeable in cannabis law and knows what cities are grow-friendly and have heavy rainfall. Most of these areas that have a good amount of rain are in the Northern California region. This prime growing area receives the most average rainfall than anywhere else in California and the counties in this area are generally cannabis friendly, (always be sure to check, though.) These areas are going to have quite the boost in cannabis agricultural job opportunities as more permits are accepted and inspections are passed.

            Jobs in the cannabis farming market begin with people who have experience in commercial agriculture and greenhouse management as well as land preparation and methods of irrigation, then there are the workers who have experience in plant care, including transplanting, ways to water, pests and pathogens, lighting and flowering, splicing, cuttings and clones, and, the all-important knowledge of soil nutrition and pH and how to adjust these to produce the best plant. Knowledge of harvesting strategies, manicuring, drying and curing is also important when it comes time to harvest.

            Humboldt and Mendocino counties have a lot of permits awaiting approval and only a few farms have been issued their permits and scheduled for inspection, but once these processes are completed, job postings are going to be rolling in left and right. A good site to check for cannabis jobs in these booming agricultural areas is, where you can post your resume for free and apply for jobs right on the site. Keep your eyes open and be sure to check back frequently as employers begin posting jobs as permits start being approved and inspections are passed.