Cannabis Jobs & Career in Riverside

California voters legalized recreational use of marijuana on Nov. 8 by approving Prop. 64, called the Adult Use of Marijuana Act . Under Prop. 64 each county and city in California may place “reasonable” restrictions on marijuana cultivation for personal use but may not completely ban cultivation of up to six plants.

Prop. 64 allows an adult, 21 years of age or older, to cultivate six plants inside a private residence or within a locked area on the grounds of the private residence in an area that is fully enclosed, locked, and not visible from a public place.  Under Prop. 64, no more than six marijuana plants may be cultivated per private residence, no matter how many people live there.

More than a year before the Prop. 64 vote, the Board of Supervisors approved Riverside County Ordinance 925 . The ordinance prohibits marijuana cultivation in the unincorporated area, outside city boundaries. Ordinance 925 includes a limited exemption from enforcement for qualified medical marijuana patients and their primary caregivers.

Because the prohibition under Ordinance 925 remains in effect today, cultivating marijuana in unincorporated Riverside County remains illegal, beyond the limited exemptions in Ordinance 925 and Prop. 64.

Under Ordinance 925, individual qualified patients and primary caregivers may cultivate up to 12 plants, for medical purposes only, on a parcel where the patient or caregiver resides. To qualify for the exemption, the qualified patient or primary caregiver must meet all the requirements listed in Section 12 of the ordinance.

There are enough new cannabis jobs to employ any interested job candidate across the country but finding a viable position in the cannabusiness is easier said than done. When searching for the best cities to work in the marijuana industry, it’s helpful to gain a better understanding of the current cannabis job market.

While more and more states are embracing cannabis with the passing of recreational and medical marijuana legalization in recent years and months, the industry is largely concentrated along metropolitan areas in the Riverside.

Marijuana Dispensary Jobs

Riverside’s various pot shops have informative, enthusiastic employees working in reception, budtending, management, security and other positions. The sales division of the marijuana industry employs some of the most individuals with part and full-time positions that facilitate the sale of cannabis products to medical patients and adult customers.

Finding work in a dispensary is a competitive venture. Especially if you are applying to be a budtender or work in management, the pool of applicants swells to keep up with interest in this new industry.

Marijuana Tourism Jobs

As I mentioned earlier, Riverside has leveraged cannabis to bolster its tourism industry, bringing in significant taxable revenue on cannabis and earnings from pricey niche tour and vacation packages.

Marijuana Growing Jobs 

While Riverside may lead the movement with many things cannabis, it is not the ideal location to grow cannabis outdoors. Historically, Humboldt County, California and Southern Oregon have hosted the most large-scale grow operations of anywhere in the country.

While some of us may be getting restless with the limited number of direct marijuana jobs in our state and neighborhood, online marijuana jobs are beginning to assert themselves at the forefront of the industry.

Largely, online marijuana jobs facilitate freelance marijuana jobs and an ability to work from home or from the independent contractor’s locale of choice. The beauty of the internet is that it allows for constant and immediate communication between business partners and associates.

Web Developer

At present, internet start-ups have been emerging, catering to nearly any industry that can benefit from websites and apps to increase business sales and ease the consumer experience. If you have a love of coding and a keen knowledge of cannabis and the industry’s hurdles, this is the online marijuana job for you.

Cannabis Critic

Cannabis criticism jobs are one of those online marijuana jobs that doesn’t require much more than a working computer and the ability to word process–and obtain cannabis, of course. Professionally compensated cannabis critic jobs are admittedly few and far between, but more positions are opening up as both niche and general publications seek to add cannabis critics to their list of contributors.