Cannabis Jobs in RhodeIsland

This could be the year recreational marijuana is legalized in Rhode Island.

After voters in Massachusetts legalized marijuana in November, the pressure has been building in Rhode Island.

Two bills have been introduced in the General Assembly — one in the Houseand one in the Senate (where it was assigned Bill No. 420, no less) — and both have been referred to judiciary committees.

There is no word yet on when there could be public hearings on what’s becoming a big talker in the state.

But the two authors of the bills, state Sen. Joshua Miller, D-Cranston, and state Rep. Scott Slater, D-Providence, told the Providence Journal that they believe there are enough votes in the General Assembly to legalize marijuana in Rhode Island this year.

Regulate Rhode Island, a group advocating for legalization, released a new report that says if Rhode Island does nothing, the state would be giving away tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue to Massachusetts and would also be losing out on potentially hundreds of jobs.

The report said Rhode Island could potentially bring in $48.3 million in tax revenue each year if pot is legalized.

Marijuana industry employments in Rhode Island, the first thing to appreciate is the different kinds of positions. Like any industry, there are a number of professions for hire, including varying responsibilities, compensation and benefits that go along with those titles. Education and experience will also play an important role in the hiring processes. Newcomers to the cannabusiness will find some common jobs available for hiring.

One of the entry-level jobs in the cannabusiness is a Bud Trimmer. This position is responsible for the quality and efficiency of the marijuana plant trimming. This position pays on average $12 – $16 per hour.

Then there is a Budtender who can make a comfortable living in the cannabis industry. This marijuana job consists of a combination of knowledge about weed and customer service. This position comes with an average salary of $48,000 – $72,000 per year.

Cannabis Chefs are the people making marijuana edibles. It is a skilled position that requires both culinary precision and real-world kitchen experience. Chefs are being paid about $50,000 – $90,000 per year.

Another outstanding marijuana profession is the Extraction Tech position, a position includes the scientific procedure of separating THC from a cannabis plant. Extraction Tech is one of the most demand-able jobs in the marijuana industry with an average salary of $80,000 – $105,000 every year.

An expert Grow Master can be easily paid $120,000 and up yearly. Occupation capabilities for a Grow Master will require a Bachelor’s Degree, with around five years’ involvement in agribusiness, agriculture and natural science.

In each state that has moved from unlawful to legal cannabis operations, noticeably shifts occur in the state’s job market as a whole, not just in direct Rhode Island marijuana jobs like growing and marijuana dispensary jobs. Rhode Island cannabis employments will show up along a wide range that includes each position from marijuana dispensary security jobs to weed demonstrating occupations.