Cannabis Sativa, Inc

Cannabis Sativa, Inc is one of the new firms that has entered the marijuana industry. The firm develops cannabis strains and provides cannabis-infused products via its subsidiaries Wild Earth Natural and Kush.

Kush, also famous as Kush Cosmetic, has been recently purchased by Cannabis Sativa, Inc. this subsidiary specializes in chronic jobs, cannabis careers, cannabis research, and development. It has generated 2 medical cannabis strains: proprietary NTZ strain and patent and potent-pending CTA strain.

Kush has also made a proprietary lozenge delivery systems for cannabis users; this is touted as an excellent delivery technique than smoking and most edibles because users can manage their dosages. The subsidiary has also developed a proprietary trauma cream recipe made with cannabis substances.

Additional, Wild Earth Naturals is the division that sells and formulates herbal skin care and pain management items featuring hemp oil. Among its items are the “Recover” joint pain and muscle reliever, the “Release” headache reliever,” and the “Skin Garden” product line which contains creams for the body and face, as well as a lip balm.

GDX is a deep penetrating pain relief ointment that is supportive in Sinus headaches and mitigating Migraine when applied to temples, forehead, and back of the neck. Face Garden is a moisturizing, antioxidant cream for the face. Body Garden is a moisturizing body lotion for dry, itchy skin and saves against sun problem. Lip Garden is an emollient balm containing Hemp Butter and Vitamin E.  The firm also brands CBD Drinking Water, which is Tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol infused, and free non-psychoactive fortified.

The firm holds a recipe and method/process to increase the cannabinoid attention derived from the NTZ strain used to produce a medical marijuana edible or to produce a medical cannabis lozenge. It also has a recipe and method/process to increase cannabinoid attention derived from the strain to be used to make an ointment/salve containing cannabinoid and other herbal items.

Cannabis Sativa tells investors it is engaged in the promoting and developing of natural cannabis product, 420 careers, Cannabis jobs, and marijuana careers. Actually, it is a web shop and selling through Amazon. Over the first 6 months, Cannabis Sativa 2016 earned 65,000 dollars in turnover.


  • Cannabis Sativa is up to 800 percent current year and now has over 10M market cap;
  • Anyway, the firm is a little webshop with pretty assets and very small to gain from any vote;
  • The firm was got by Wild Earth Naturals, Inc in 2013 July before it lastly became Cannabis Sativa, Inc in November of the same year.