Colorado Cannabis Jobs

Colorado Cannabis Jobs

Is marijuana legal in Colorado?

Colorado has both recreational and medical marijuana laws within the state constitution. Marijuana possession and use are legal with a vital caveat regarding possession limits, trafficking, underage distribution, at-home cultivation, and public use.

How do I get Colorado cannabis job?

The Marijuana Enforcement Division, state marijuana licensing authority, needs all industry workers to submit an application. The state uses the fees to perform throughout background check. Once verified, you will get a badge with your image, giving you the chance to work with any marijuana production facility or dispensary.

How can I pay for cannabis at a dispensary?

Since marijuana is still federally illegal, banks are in an unsafe position. Any money received for federally illegal activities could put the bank in danger. Further, federal funds cannot be used to lend to cannabis businesses or recover funds in the event of theft or fraud. This affects dispensaries capability to accept debit cards or credit. Some do permit you to use your debit card on purchases as long the card is run as an ATM withdrawal.

Colorado Marijuana economic data

The fast-growing market is now a billion dollar industry. Prices widely change from dispensary to dispensary and from year to year. Price rise and fall flowed across the industry in 2016, as an outcome of dispensaries challenging with both the black market and other dispensaries. As street dealers near shop and market saturation stiffen competition, deals, specials, price drops and coupons are becoming a backbone of profit generation.

Colorado cannabis tours

Across the Centennial State, the marijuana industry and Colorado cannabis jobs have given rise to a new segment of tourism in the USA. Marijuana trips in Colorado range in style and complexity and are designed to provide amazing experiences in cannabis-curious adults over the age of 21.

There are several tour firms, such as Durango Artisanal Cannabis tours, that gather the top attitude natural atmosphere with Colorado rugged history in industry and mining, all while providing an outlet for visitors to legally use cannabis.

For those interested in staying nearer to the population centers, Lighthouse Cannabis project is a private trip to Denver that offers an in-depth look at the remarkable innovations and intricacies of Colorado’s cannabis industry. The trip pickups in downtown Denver, delivering you to an active growing facility for one of Colorado’s best dispensaries, Terrapin Care Station.