Delaware Cannabis Jobs

Delaware Cannabis Jobs

Is marijuana legal in Delaware?

As of March 2017, medical cannabis has been legalized in Delaware. Additionally, the state has decriminalized possession of restricted amounts of adults 21 and up.

When did marijuana become legal in Delaware?

The Medical Marijuana Delaware Act was signed into law in May 2011, permitting residents with verified medical situations to access cannabis for treatment. Decriminalization, which removed penalties such as a mark on one’s criminal jail, record, and fines, became law in December 2015.

How do I get a Delaware cannabis job?

All compassion center workers must be at least twenty-one years old, live in Delaware, and cannot have been convicted by of a misdemeanor-level drug crime in the last 5 years. The individual must apply to the compassion center, which will contain background check and a fingerprinting background check each step is paid for the applicant or the compassion center.

Is delivery legal?

Delivery of cannabis products appears to be legal. During the transportation, all products must be kept in real packaging and sealed, with an explanation of the date and product.

Delaware economic data

Delaware legalized medical marijuana and Delaware cannabis jobs in the spring of 2011, yet the initial dispensary place did not open doors until 2015. Delaware experienced the number of patients boom by 490% in 2016, along with a 275% rise in patient applications, bringing the full number of patients to 1,550 in 2016.

Patients are capable to buy as much as 6 ounces per month, or 3 ounces every 14 days. If the average patients purchase just half of the allowable amount per month, this is a drug cost of over $1,000 per month, but this can change based on the product or strain purchased.

Delaware permits patients who can prove money hardship to have $125 application fee waived. In 2016, 1,146 patients paid the application fee, making over $140,000 in profits. Additionally, $55,000 was collected in different fees linked with compassion center licensing, putting the worth of Delaware medical industry just below $19 million in 2016.

Legalization outlook

In March 2017, Delaware policymakers introduced House Bill 100, which would make a regulatory framework for licensing businesses to set cannabis and marijuana-infused products to adults twenty-one and older. The bill would tax cannabis sales from the cultivator to a product producer or dispensary at a rate of $50/oz on cannabis flower, $25/oz on all immature plants and $15/oz on all plants parts which are not flowers.

The Department of Health and Social Services and Department of Education would get twenty percent of the profit. The destination for remaining profit has not yet been planned.