Florida Cannabis Jobs

Florida Cannabis Jobs

Is marijuana legal in Florida?

Since 2014, low-THC cannabis has been legal on very restricted medical grounds in Florida. In 2016, the voters decided to deeply expand the program, ultimately ensuring patients excellent access to full-THC marijuana products, as well as various regulatory concessions.

How do I get Florida cannabis job?

The Office of Medical Marijuana and Florida Department of Health is working on formalizing the regulatory and licensing atmosphere for cannabis-related businesses and their workers. Like caregivers, medical dispensary workers will likely need be twenty-one or older and be free of drug-related felony convictions.

Is delivery legal?

As an effort to spread patient access, delivery from the medical marijuana dispensary to the patient is a well-established choice, as is transporting medical marijuana from the caregiver to the patient.

Florida economic data and Florida cannabis jobs

With a population of nearly twenty million, Florida has important collective buying power. The Department of Health is still in the process of getting regulation made for the expansion of the Florida medical cannabis program ordered by Amendment 2. Right now, the state does not presently allow dispensaries to host pricing detail. According to a report launched by the Florida Office of Demographic and Economic Research in March 2017, the average price of a milligram of CBD or THC was approximately $0.15/mg.

Industry statistics

As of February 2018,  there are over 73,000 patients registered in the Florida Medical cannabis program. By June 2022, the program is guessed to have near 35,000 registered patients and is projected to produce at least $140 million in sales yearly. Some guesses show this number as high as $400 million. In tax profits, based on the sales tax, would come to somewhere between $10 – $25 million yearly. Cancer is the most general sickness patients seeking medical cannabis in Florida are suffering from, followed by epilepsy.

Legalization outlooks

As of March 2016, the state has at least 2 proposed initiatives to legalize marijuana for adults age twenty-one and older. The right of adults to Cannabis Act projected by the Floridians for Freedom would legalize the cultivation, possession, and use of cannabis for adults age of twenty-one and older. The Regulate Cannabis in a manner similar to Alcohol to licensing, establish age and other restrictions act would also legalize restricted possession, cultivation and use of cannabis by those aged twenty-one and older while ordering the creation of a new licensing and regulatory system. At the time of writing, neither of the proposed ballot measures have the important petition signatures to be added in the 2018 ballot.