Healthy Cannabis shakes and how they fit with fitness

The cannabis industry is not all about health, but it has a lot to do it with it. Of course, when we think health and marijuana, our thoughts go directly to “medical marijuana”. But the truth is that there’re some other healthy uses that can be adjudicated to cannabis and have more to do with a healthy diet.


In this case, we’ll talk about cannabis shakes, which are really good for your skin and the general health of your organs. Also, learning how to use cannabis as a fitness supplement could be an interesting cannabis career.


Why are cannabis shakes so good for your body?


We all know that fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of nutrients and we also know that they’re essential for having a healthy appearance and good condition.


But what we don’t usually think about is that marijuana, by being a vegetable, is also an excellent source of these nutrients. Actually, cannabis nutrients have a high concentration of antioxidants, and the benefits for the organism present on this plant are compared to the ones on chia seeds.


If you combine the benefits of different fruits and marijuana as a nutritious cannabis shake, you’ll full meal while taking care of your skin and hair. Besides, it’s also a good business idea for a cannabis career as if you’re into the fitness world, you can sell your own shakes or the marijuana and fruits to make them, among other cannabis jobs.


What to know about cannabis shakes?


Even though this may not be the vegan option, a really good recommendation is to use half a cup of milk on your shakes. From thousands of years, milk has been used by Indian culture to improve cannabis nutrients absorption.


If you’re a vegan, you can substitute milk by mango; this fruit also boosts the absorption and effects of cannabis shakes. But if you’re thinking about this as a cannabis career, it would limit your options.


As you’re using cannabis as an antioxidant and you don’t need the effects of decarboxylation, it’s recommendable to avoid this step. Take into consideration that heating the sprouts may change the flavor of the shake. Besides, when you use raw marijuana, you can consume much more than if you have the side effects of THC.


Using cannabis butter is a good substitute for the raw leaves or sprouts, but it will get the shakes creamer.


The rest is as simple as shaking it with your favorite fruits or vegetable combination and you’ll have super healthy shakes filled with unique cannabis nutrients for your fitness business.