How has the legalization of Cannabis in the USA spurred a pool of jobs in the employment sector?

In most of the countries the use of marijuana is considered illegal under their federal laws. Despite of this people want to smoke marijuana, according a report almost 18.5 million people were consuming marijuana in the year 2011. Then in the year 2014 in the U.S.A has just legalized the use of marijuana for only the medical purposes and, they realized that the people are now aware of the fact that marijuana is useful for the health purposes. It is now known to many people that it is being used in medicines as an ingredient and has cure to chronic pain. It can act as an antiemetic, also as an antispasmodic. The Washington and the Colorado, these two states have legalized the drug marijuana for both the medical and recreational purposes.

It was also concluded in a study that was conducted recently in the year 2017, that due to the laws that are introduced in the states for legalizing the drug there are some positive effects. It was noted that due to legal rules there is a decrease in the rate of violent crimes within the state of America and also with the border of Mexico. So, the results were concluded that legalizing the drug have affected the crime rate and crime such as illegal drug trafficking. It is also a fact that the Americans wants their personal freedom and they want it to be legalized for both the recreational and medicinal use. They are getting this freedom too because almost eight states have already legalized it for both the purposes. The twenty-one countries on the other hand have restricted the freedom in a way that it only be used for medical purpose. It is also evident that out of 10 Americans 7 wants it to be legalized and there are normally campaigns for it too. In its positive impacts, the most significant impact is that it has introduced a pool of jobs in the employment sector.

If we talk about the economic effect of legalizing marijuana then we must look the effect in the near future. If we talk about the year 2020 then according to the reports the cannabis industry will help to pool in 300,000 jobs. This estimation gives an evidence that it is already contributing to create jobs but still it is not legalized in both ways in rest of the states. These facts and figures confirm that the marijuana industry is going to bring drastic economic change and will create more jobs.

Also, the legalization of marijuana entirely in all the states would contribute more in the employment sector. Apart from the investor and businessman himself there are chain of productions involved that do require employees. The growers, the processors and other employees that can perform any job in this regard can get the benefit. This also includes firms, banking sector, services of consultancy, companies etc due to which it is obvious that a lot more jobs are going to be available in the recent coming years.

It is estimated that if it is legalized today then almost 80,000 jobs can be created and this figure can increase up to 1.2 million in the coming future till 2024. Legalizing it would contribute to build up the marijuana industry really fast in the U.S. It is increasing the jobs up to 1.2 million that would also effect the aggregate of the taxation, on this estimate around 52 billion dollars tax revenue would be generated. The factors that would affect the industry can be illegal channels of selling the marijuana.