How is the Cannabis industry expected to flourish and grow in the upcoming years?

There are different people living in the society, some of them wants all the freedom and they want the marijuana to be legalized for recreational and medical purposes. Some of the people are of the view that it is only good for the health purposes and only the health benefits should be extracted from it. People do talk about the tax revenue that the Government is going to get while others say that it could be dangerous and a risk for the young generation and the children. It can lead to serious drug addiction too, but apart from all this no one can ignore the health benefits it has to provide and also the industry is growing really fast. The future is all about this industry its creating jobs and tax revenue that is beneficial for the state.

These debates keep on going between the people about the negative and positive impacts, let’s just find out where the industry is headed towards in the upcoming future. The few predictions say that around 2028 the cannabis industry is going to change dramatically and will be different from today’s marijuana industry. Let’s see how the expectations are going to be and how the industry is going to be flourished and grow in the coming future. The expectations are as follows:

  1. Marijuana a commodity: by that we mean to say that there will be day when it will be legalized almost everywhere and people will realize its use as a medicine and sometimes for fun. When it will be available widely as any other goods in the market then the prices will be decreased and there will be more competition that will come up in near future.
  2. Legalization nationally: As the time pass it will soon be legalized in other states too as it is already legalized in 8 states in the U.S for both the purposes of recreational and medical. Legalizing it would help eliminate the illegal channels and also it will create an awareness that this drug should be used by keeping your own health and protection in mind. There is no doubt that it can act as a medicine in so many ways and can cure so many diseases but everything that is once legal is more trustworthy and people almost stop opposing it.
  3. Legalizing it nationally in the U.S will also encourage the other states too; the other state might somehow believe that it is beneficiary in so many ways.
  4. Once it is started at a very large scale it will not only create so many jobs for the people but will also be beneficial; to bring the tax revenue. On the other hand, it will with the passage of time it will grow to such an extent that modern techniques will be introduced such as robotics to perform the function more efficiently and fast.
  5. There will be a split in this industry one will be for the medical purpose and other for the recreational purposes.
  6. The success of the marijuana industry will encourage more people to invest in to this business that might start a legal import and export of marijuana at a larger scale. More business will be created for the companies like delivery companies because most of the planned marijuana sellers use this idea to support their business. In terms of business it is evidently beneficial for the business men and the U.S. Any country that would legalize it for any of the purpose medical or recreational) can benefit from the tax revenue it can provide.