How to use medical Cannabis

Cannabis or Marihuana is a plant that has been for thousands of years known as a medical herb. Of course, we all also know it as a recreational drug and for some decades, maybe centuries it has been demonized because of that use.


Nevertheless, from the late nineties, several studies have been developed to show that medical Cannabis is a reality and it has more effects than expected. It’s used for treating several chronic diseases as well as general symptoms. Specialized cannabis chemists and pharmaceutics are essential marihuana careers in this matter. Let’s see how.


What are the therapeutic components of Cannabis or Marihuana?


Cannabinoids are known for having positive effects in different conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, nausea, epilepsy and the abnormal reproduction of cells which means cancer.


Marijuana contains three different cannabinoids:


  • Tetrahydrocannabinol THC
  • Cannabinol CBN
  • Cannabidiol CBD


From those, the real therapeutic ones are the THC (psychotropic) and CBD (non-psychotropic). Actually, the CBD has so many properties that it can even combat the psychotropic effects of THC and help boost its medical effects.


But for taking the maximum advantage of these components, it’s highly important to control concentration and doses of each cannabinoid. Also, it’s important to determine the best way to apply it according to the condition to be treated. That’s why cannabis chemists and pharmaceutics are so important marihuana careers.


How to administrate medical Cannabis


Even though the most known way to use Cannabis or marihuana is by smoking, this is definitely not the best way to apply medical Cannabis. Luckily, there’re several other ways to use both of these cannabinoids.


When it comes to treating chemotherapy effects, depression effects or the loss of appetite, a good way to use it is by eating cookies, brownies made with the plant, or by consuming CBD oil.


The CBD oil, which is the most potent medical cannabis presentation, works incredibly for treating any kind of chronic disease, as well as cancer, nausea, epilepsy. This is without a doubt the most recommended way to use it, and it might be mixed with THC oil to boost the effects.


For applying it, the patient only needs to put as many drops as prescribed under the tongue. This method accelerates the absorption of the cannabinoids as they don’t pass through the digestive system but directly to the blood system.


Finally, CBD oil and THC oil can be made into cream which is ideal for inflammation and chronic pain. The cream is absorbed through the skin reaching the muscles and nerves directly. CBD cream and THC cream are ideal for arthritis and rheumatoid conditions, as well as contusions.


Of course, these are only the basics; the real dosage and concentration must be determined by a professional on the mentioned cannabis careers.