Illinois Cannabis Jobs

What is marijuana/cannabis?

Cannabis is more commonly known as pot, weed, or marijuana. Processing or growing cannabis for recreational use is illegal in Illinois. Marijuana is a flowering plant that makes a mind-altering state. This state is caused by a compound known as tetrahydrocannabinol, more generally known as THC.

Cannabis as a plant can be used for different things. Hemp is made from the stalks of the marijuana plant, contains extremely low levels of THC, and is legal. Recreational cannabis is illegal and comes from the flowering buds of the marijuana plant, which has a top level of THC. These flowers are often smoked and dried, or crushed to make a fine powder, or changed into oil.

What forms of cannabis are illegal in Illinois?

Medical marijuana is legal in Illinois and Illinois cannabis jobs, but recreational use of cannabis is not. Cannabis is illegal to grow, and it is illegal to possess the marijuana leaves and flowers for recreational use, in all forms including:

  • Hash oil
  • Hashish
  • Kief
  • Marijuana
  • Seeds that are able of growing another cannabis plant
  • Infusions such as tea, brownies, or lotions

The mature stalks of the marijuana plant and products made from those stalks are known as hemp. Hemp is legal. This contains hemp oil or hemp fiber.

Personal amounts of cannabis

The Illinois state has decriminalized personal amounts of marijuana. A small or personal amount is ten grams or less. This means that if you are caught possessing ten grams or less, you would not face jail time.

Local areas, like villages and cities, often have their laws regarding marijuana and Illinois cannabis jobs. State laws help city law so that city cannot arrest you for processing a personal amount of marijuana. Anyway, the city can give you an extra fine.

Possessing cannabis

Carrying marijuana on your person, in your vehicle, or having it in your home is unlawful. Whether or not the possession is a civil offense or criminal offense depends on the amount of marijuana you have in your possession.

In a state, the possession of more than ten grams of marijuana is a crime, and you can be arrested. If you are caught with only ten grams or less, this is a civil offense. If the marijuana is mixed with another substance, the full amount of that substance is considered in determining the level of breach.

The police will take any marijuana or paraphernalia they find, regardless of whether you were charged with a civil or criminal offense.