Indiana Cannabis Jobs

If you have been thinking about growing marijuana in Indiana and Indiana cannabis jobs, you may have been hesitant, especially since they have very hard laws about cannabis, with heavy penalties for anything under thirty grams. At the same time, anyway, there are presently efforts to push legislation for medical cannabis in the state, and just last year, hemp cultivation became commercially possible under the Indian cannabis laws.

Is Marijuana legal in Indiana?

No, as of 2016 July, neither recreational nor medical marijuana are legal in Indiana.

Cultivation and Possession regulation

In Indiana, possession of cannabis is a Class B offense punishable by 6 months in jail and a fine of 1,000. Being a possession of cannabis that weights less than thirty grams after a previous drug offense is punishable by 1 year jail and a fine of $5,000 or less.

Cultivation and sale

Indiana is presently an extremely conservative sale. So, it is one of the states where cultivation of cannabis is prohibited for all end users. Presently, the state of fewer than thirty grams of cannabis attracts a punishment of a maximum of twelve months in jail and a fine of $5,000 or less.

The sale of between thirty grams to ten pounds of cannabis will attract a jail sentence of 6 to thirty months and the highest fine of $10,000.

Telemedicine services and Indiana cannabis jobs

Based on the provisions of the 1263 House Enrolled Act, physicians, and other licensed healthcare suppliers are permitted to use telemedicine services to issue prescriptions for some gadgets and non-controlled drugs. The prerequisite is that the provider is already established a link with the patient.

Anyway, prescriptions for controlled substances like cannabis are yet permitted to be issued through telemedicine.

Growing marijuana

Indiana is not yet a cannabis state, so it is vital to focus on not getting caught when growing cannabis in this state. While the state of Indiana permits conditional alternative or release or diversion sentencing for people facing their initial prosecutions it is not a promise – especially if you get caught a second time.

Indiana is a state with many possibilities. Even though there are hard penalties for growing cannabis here, it seems possible that the state will be the place of a burgeoning hemp industry. It also seems like that legislature in Indiana might change to reflect the present cultural push for legalization.