Kansas Cannabis Jobs

Marijuana reform is taking place in Kansas but extremely slowly. Presently cannabis is not legal in any form or Kansas cannabis jobs, though there are efforts to replace that.

Presently, you can spend up to a year in jail and fine of up to $1,000. In 2016, the state legislature passed bills to decrease penalties for cannabis possession. If one of the bill passes, it would decrease the penalty for a first offense to 6 months and for a second offense to 1 year. Because the 2 bills contain different provisions, a committee will plan their fate. Both the “weak tea” efforts to make legal a substance that policymakers still have a powerful bias against. This is not true progress. This is theater. The war for legalization must continue.

Using marijuana in Kansas

The State of Kansas does not recognize marijuana as medically relevant. Here, no one can legally use marijuana, has oil, hash, concentrates or other cannabis derivatives for medical or recreational objectives.

Breaking the Kansas Marijuana laws

For first-time marijuana offenders, Kansas permits diversion, alternative, and conditional release sentencing. Under a restricted release, the convict is released on probation, as opposed to taking the case to trial. Once the trail is done, the offenders criminal record will still reflect a conviction.

Kansas has established a very hard per se drugged driving law. This makes it illegal for any person to operate a motor vehicle while under a detectable amount of an illicit drug, marijuana or drug metabolite.

Marijuana tax stamp law

This state has enacted a cannabis tax stamp law. Any person who possesses marijuana in Kansas is needed by law to buy an affix a state-issued tax stamp on the contraband. Criminal fines and sanctions may affect the outcome for disobeying this rule. The states nonpayment penalty in hundred percent of the tax rate plus interest. Kansas presently charged the following tax stamp rates:

  • $0.90 per gram for dry plants
  • $0.40 per gram for wet plants
  • $3.50 per gram for possession of over twenty-eight grams of marijuana

Where can I buy cannabis and get Kansas cannabis jobs?

Presently, there are no officially permitted outlets in a state where locals can buy cannabis for medical or recreational objectives. Definitely, people are buying weed, but unluckily, their government still trusts it has right to reject its citizens the basic human right of using this medical and sacred plant. As an outcome, all of that potential tax cash and capability to make sure the product is safer and tested is lost in the illegal market.