Marijuana decarboxylation

There’s a reason why smoking marijuana is the most popular way to consume it. This is because it’s the only way to do it where you don’t need to previously decarboxylate the plant because the fire does it while smoking it.


But what does decarboxylate means and how is it done? Well, that’s another interesting marijuana career and special skill of this industry.


What is decarboxylating?


Unlike many people think, cannabis is not a plant that’s naturally filled with pure THC. Actually, the component that’s in the fresh marijuana leave is the THC-A which needs to pass through a specific process to become THC.


This process is the decarboxylation which activates the THC-A when the marijuana sprout is heated. This is the only way to get the cannabinoids effect for preparing edibles, extracts, oils, tincture, etc.


The decarboxylation process must be performed before making the product so it can have any effect. Also, this is a very delicate procedure, so it must be made by an experienced person; the most specialized, the best (especially if talking about pure breeds and high-quality plants). This is a good opportunity for a marijuana career for all the magic brownie lovers out there!


How to decarboxylate marijuana?


As we mentioned, this is a very particular skill surrounding the cannabis industry, because it’s a delicate process. We already said that the activation of THC happens through heat. This means the user needs to expose the vegetable material (sprout or leave) to high temperatures, which means, putting them in the oven.


The problem is that the specialist needs to be very careful to watch time and temperature because an overheating due to high temperature or long exposure can ruin the plant and the effects.


As vaporization of cannabinoids occurs at minimum 120° C, the ideal temperature for decarboxylating is 115° C. This way avoids the risk of vaporizing them and losing the THC. On the other hand, the process for regular marijuana happens in about 60 minutes. But if the sprouts are exceptionally humid, they can be left a maximum of 20 extra minutes.


For a better decarboxylation process, it’s recommended to grind thoroughly the vegetable material instead of using the whole sprout. This is because the heat can penetrate all the material easily instead of overheating the outer side and lacking heat on the inner parts.


This may sound really easy when it comes to some grams of generic marijuana, but when it comes to the medical industry, breeds, and great scale consumption, decarboxylation must be done by an expert on this marijuana career.