Maryland Cannabis Jobs

While recreational cannabis remains illegal in Maryland, medical marijuana has been legal in the state since 2014. The present medical marijuana laws in Maryland permit qualifying patients to possess up to a thirty-day supply of medical marijuana. It also allows licensed dispensaries to distribute medical marijuana grown by a maximum of fifteen licensed cultivators. Sadly though, it is still illegal for caregivers or patients to grow their own marijuana.

There is a powerful public sentiment in favor of marijuana legalization and Maryland Cannabis jobs, with 54 percent of residents approving of the legislature taxing and regulating cannabis, and there is guessed to be a powerful push toward legalization in 2018.

Despite still being recreationally illegal, possession of less than ten grams of cannabis for personal use is a civil crime with the highest fine of $100. Anyway, if you have between ten grams and fifty pounds of marijuana, it is a misdemeanor punishable by one year in jail and up to $1,000 fine. For public use of cannabis, offenders can be charged a civil fine of up to $500.

Is there a chance recreational cannabis use could legalized in Maryland?

Several lawmakers introduced a bill during the Generally Assembly 2017 session to hold a statewide referendum on whether to make legal recreational cannabis use in the state while regulating and taxing it. The bill did not get much grip, but the problem is not going away. Several states that make legal its recreational use are viewing important profit from cannabis sales and Maryland cannabis jobs.

How many dispensaries are there in the state

Maryland is presently definitely to set up a dispensary system. The primary stage of licensure has closed and businesses that were successful and now undergoing on the verification process.

During the initial round of the application process, a full of 1081 applications were submitted to the Commission, of which a full of 132 were verified: 103 of those were dispensaries.

License requirement for Maryland dispensary owners

After getting a pre-approval, successful applications will move to the next phase of the process. During this step, they will be needed to generate an audited financial statement and payment of the stage two application fee of $4,000. They also need to give personal identification of a dispensary agent, criminal background check, and fingerprints for Central Registry.

That is just part of it. Applicants must also verify that proposed facilities are under their control.