New Hampshire Cannabis Jobs

573 House Bill was signed into law in July 2013. The bill ordered the New Hampshire Department of Human and Health Services to make and oversee a licensing system for registering caregivers, suppliers, and producers in the use of therapeutic cannabis. The regulatory system would permit as many as 4 substitute treatment centers (ATC), or dispensaries, to work in the state.

For patients with restricted access due to mobility or health complications, the bill approves individuals age 21 and older to register as a caregiver to as many as 5 patients. This was later spread to include as many as 9 patients per caregiver, provided each patient resides over fifty miles from the nearest substitute treatment center.

Though the law was put in place in 2013 to generate New Hampshire cannabis jobs, applications for patients, treatment, caregivers, and providers were not made accessible until much later, sometimes as late as 2 years. In part due to licensing choices with the New Hampshire Attorney General, New Hampshire did not start issuing licenses to patients until December of 2015. Substitute treatment centers did not open doors until late-April 2016, nearly 3 years from when the use of marijuana for Therapeutic Purpose Act was signed into law. In those 34 months, the Department of Human and Health Services created a network of regulations that would govern the full program.

The Use of Cannabis for Therapeutic Purposes Act was passed in 2013. Contained within the pages of limitations and laws, the act requested a yearly analysis of industry data adding patient, caregiver, and qualified recommending medical professionals volume. This includes where the patients are most concentrated in the state and providing information on the type of illnesses and conditions cannabis is most commonly recommended to treat.

New Hampshire Marijuana economical data and prices

From the 2016 yearly report, we know that state has 2,070 registered patients. Full sales reported are close to $600,000. The primary substitute treatment center opened in April 2016. Each caregiver or patient must pay a primary application fee and yearly renewal costs of $50, which is deposited into the Certification Fund and Registry identification to be used to oversee the therapeutic use of cannabis program. The 2016 report totals caregivers and patients registered at 2,220.

2017 will be the initial full year that the New Hampshire medical cannabis program and New Hampshire Cannabis jobs will be completely operational.