New Jersey Cannabis Jobs

Marijuana legalization

New Jersey arrests higher than 25,000 people a year for cannabis control at the cost of more than $140 million to New Jersey taxpayers. This wasteful and absurd wasteful policy criminalizes otherwise law-abiding people and trash resources that would be better spent on projects that support our communities and families.

Marijuana convictions and arrests can have brutal long-standing consequences, especially for color communities that are unreasonably harmed by the impact of New Jersey’s marijuana laws. African American are 3 times more likely to be arrested for cannabis possession than whites even though both use cannabis at the same rates. Anecdotal proof advises similar disparities for Latinos. Marijuana regulations have also been used to support partial policies like frisk and stop.

The solution is to legalize, New Jersey Cannabis jobs, tax, and regulate marijuana like alcohol for adults. New Jersey should pass famous reform to make a safe, responsible and proscribed system for marijuana.

Advantages of legalization

  • It will create New Jersey cannabis jobs.
  • Millions in tax profit will fund projects to help all New Jersey residents.
  • Radical disparities and damages will be reduced.
  • Resources that are presently wasted on cannabis prohibition will be freed to use for projects that support our communities and families.

Medical marijuana program

Each year 1000s of New jerseys are diagnosed with AIDS/HIV, cancer, multiple sclerosis and other debilitating sicknesses. For some patients, presently accessible medications will not relieve their poor symptoms. Medical marijuana could decrease suffering and better the standard of life for these patients.

In 2010 New Jersey passed legislation establishing a medical cannabis program in the state. The Compassionate Use Act permit seriously ill patients for whom presently accessible medications are not effective access to medical marijuana with doctor advice. They are presently 5 Alternative Treatment Centers in NJ where registered patients can access their medicine.

Legalizing is the future of New Jersey

There is no denying that the nation is pro-cannabis according to recent polls. NJ senators, residents, and assemblyman are completely supportive of the marijuana industry. Bills are being introduced by senators of states that have cannabis bills passed to help dispensaries get bank accounts, best tax rates, and expungements of some cannabis-related drugs for their residents. This is the best time for NJ to legalize marijuana for New Jersey cannabis jobs.