New Mexico Cannabis Jobs

The New Mexico medical marijuana program continues to grow and generating New Mexico cannabis jobs, with patient volume rising every month. To give you some viewpoint, In February 2016, the program had just over 22,000 patients. In February 2017,  the patient’s count had increased to over 33,000.

The Secretary of the Department of Health New Mexico is the ruling authority on how many licensed non-profit manufactures or dispensaries; the state may have. Given the 110,000 patient rise between 2016 and 2017, the route of New Mexico medical cannabis industry is set for continued growth.

New Mexico cannabis jobs and laws

New Mexico starts their journey into the medical marijuana industry with an act of Congress. Senate Bill 523 was introduced in 2007, making the legislative structure for the New Mexico industry. Titled the “Erin and Lynn Compassionate Use Act,” honor the efforts of Erin Armstrong and Lynn Pierson in their campaigns – one of which was in the late 1970s.

The program would permit the state to register qualified individuals to possess, grow and use cannabis and marijuana-infused items in restricted quantities. To qualify to buy medical marijuana, a person had to be diagnosed with a problem debilitating to the degree it significantly impacts your standard of living, is terminal, or both. Actually starting with only 7 approved situations, the state now recognizes twenty.

Purchase and possession limits

Medical patients may possess as much as 8 ounces of cannabis at any time. In any 3 month period, anyway, a dispensary place can just dispense 230 units of cannabis.

What is a unit? New Mexico defines a unit of cannabis as equal to one gram of cannabis flower or 0.2 grams of cannabis concentrate, such as shatter or wax. This means that every 3 months a medical marijuana dispensary may sell up to eight ounces, or 230 grams, of cannabis flower or 46 grams of cannabis concentrates.

Any person caught in possession of cannabis which is not medical cannabis patient, caregiver, or industry worker is subject to misdemeanor criminal charges, 15 days in jail, and a $100 fine.

Marijuana Tax Act

New Mexico does not presently tax infused products or medical cannabis, but in January 2017, “Marijuana Tax Act,” or the House Bill 102,” would apply a $25 per ounce tax. In the same report covering October thru 2016 December, it is reported 2,875,663 units of cannabis were generated in total from the plants. This would equal 100,900 ounces. If taxed at $20-$25 per ounce, this would produce approximately $10 million in tax profit yearly.