Privateer Holdings

Privateer Holdings represents an investors group around the globe seeking to end cannabis prohibition and the social damages it causes. Through a mixture of investment, acquisitions, and incubation, Privateer is targeted on building a portfolio of international brands that will lead, legitimize and describe the future marijuana industry. From providing real, best medical cannabis to patients of Canada to empowering users internationally with a reliable cannabis information resource, privateers firms are in the business of making significant returns, cannibalism jobs, cannabis careers, both socially and financially.

Privateer holds three basic beliefs:
• Brands will determine the future marijuana industry.
• The end of cannabis prohibition is inevitable
• Cannabis is a mainstream produced used by mainstream people

In 2010, Michael Blue, Brendan Kennedy, and Christian Groh saw factors leading to make legal cannabis were brought into line. It was also obvious that, while famous thinkers and humanitarians were advocating for change, the rising industry lacked professional business leadership equal to the big chance.

The investor base consists of high net value individuals, institutional investors and family offices. The more than $100m in latest funding brings the firms fundraising full amount to $200m.

The company will use the new financing to spread its existing portfolio of brands to new markets, to make 420 careers or Cannabis jobs, to make strategic acquisitions and to release new ventures across different sectors, geographies, and consumer demographics.

The company also declared a pledge from the firm founders (Brendan Kennedy, Christian Groh, and Michael Blue) to donate equality equivalent to $5m at the present valuation to support communities destroyed by cannabis prohibition.

The equity pledged will support business committed to addressing the economic and social injustices of cannabis prohibition, including campaigns to make legal cannabis; 420 jobs, efforts to educate the public about responsible and safe cannabis consumption, clinical study for potential therapeutic advantages of medical cannabis, expanding international patients access to medical cannabis, expungement of non-violent cannabis offenses and more.

Privateer holding strategy
The Seattle-based private equity company Privateer Holdings is gaining plenty of focus due to its mission of handling a number of cannabis-related businesses. The Newsroom page of company site contains links to a number of stunning articles concerning this company, published by several reliable news sources. Much of the focus is targeted on Privateers strategy of bringing more decency to what the company calls the “cannabis space.” A key method in company approach involves the use of term “cannabis” rather than marijuana or any other nicknames linked with the product.