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I’ve always worked short term jobs that offer no benefits, and still I’d work my hardest no matter what the job is; I get it done. I’ve never worked in an industry I’m passionate about, so I can’t imagine the amount of work I’d put into something I truly love such as real estate, snowboarding, or work in the cannabis industry. In which case, I’d not only get the job done quickly and correctly, I’d go above and beyond looking for the next opportunity to further my progress in the industry.

I am someone always searching for new hobbies that really interest me. During my search so far, I’ve grown very attached to competitive gaming, snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, metal embossing, talking with family/friends, and also educating myself on topics that interest me by watching informational videos or documentaries.


May 2015 Graduate at Grant Community High School

In high school I was a part of the volleyball team, frisbee golf club, and I was a part of the tech program offered at my school that offers experience in real job categories such as welding, the program I was a part of.


October 2014 - April 2016 Insider at Domino's Pizza
June 2013 - December 2017 Manager at Sports-4-Less
March 2015 - August 2015 Merchandiser at Driveline Merchandising

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